A real artwork of unique hand-crafted pieces in an exclusive limited edition, which faithfully reproduces the ancient “terracotta” pot called “Orcio”, in which the Etruscans used to transport and store the Oil.

Handmade orcio by Umbrian artists. Limited edition 25 orci.

Very rare autochthonous monocultivar.

Only Borgiona olives.


Our most coveted cultivar.  So rare, we only harvest when climate conditions are ideal. So precious, we only produce as a monocultivar to preserve its rare organoleptic characteristics.

Olives picked by hand, then cold-pressed at ≤20º C and filtered.

Intense fruity, herbaceous type, with hints of almond, artichoke, and green tomato leaf. 

Spicy notes of medium-high intensity; intense bitterness; herbaceous aftertaste of almond, artichoke, and tomato. 

On the palate it releases bitter and spicy at the same time and in an intense way; of extreme and very pleasant persistence, it is an oil with rare characteristics.

Extremely small production of less than 100 bottles per year (when produced).

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